It’s time to Wake Up

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Since I stopped my NJ membership, I was accepted in FL but my process has been ignored for years now. First they may have seen my controversial publications. Later with my absolute position against all freedom restrictions, my paperwork was completely lost.

I have seen temples fight against each other. I have also seen requests ignored for being incompatible to the craft. So it was my turn to be subtly refused re-entry.

For many years I was asking why I was receiving my lodge document at the end of the year. I couldn’t visit other lodges because of that delay. Now that I don’t receive my FL documents (after being formally accepted years ago) there is no doubt why it happens.

Anyhow, I still refuse to be part of meetings with liberty restrictions.

My next step could be to rebuild my masonic path in a Web3 version of Second Life like Decentraland.

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