Battle between brothers

Each Lodge has a leader, which is who decides what to do. Each Lodge is a micro-world where some totally agree with the leader, and others obey him for fear of being expelled. Some members simply do not attend, and wait to vote to change leaders. And very few of them just quit.

The diversity of the Lodges is such, that are divided into male, feminine, mixed; and each of those divisions at the same time are divided by Obediences, from which they obtain their permit of operation or masonic recognition.

I have known about Lodges that separate from a Grand Lodge to join another Grand Lodge, although they lose those members that don’t agree with the change.

In Miami I was collaborating with the Grand Lodge of Cuba Abroad, when they were in good relations with the Lodges of the island. They gave me an honorary plate and treated me as a guest of honor. But I had to move away when a new leader climbed to power, who was enemy of the Lodges that are apparently under control of the Castro Regime.

It does not amaze me that Cynthia Viteri, Mayor of Guayaquil, get the support of a Masonic Lodge.

Nor would I amaze me that a Mason from another Lodge could take care of her betrayal to Humanity.

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