Now at Eureka North Lodge



Since yesterday March 1st 2018 I was accepted to start my duties at Eureka North Lodge 269 in Dania Beach, Florida. A new masonic beginning, after almost 2 years visiting Lodges as a member of my previous Mother Lodge Enterprise 31 of Jersey City, New Jersey.


Forced to Demit

Back on March I found out my dues card was mailed to me before the end of last year. Then Grand Lodge had to send me a copy, which never arrived.

demitExplaining the situation to a local Lodge Secretary, I was informed similar to what can be found at

Since in this situation the postal service has been unreliable, and I had to endure a whole year without visiting other Lodges, I was forced to demit from my Mother Lodge.

But this is not the end. It is a new beginning, starting 2018 in a new Lodge in Florida.

What is freemasonry?

Freemasonry is a school of government, where we first learn to govern our passions as part of governing our individual life. With that understanding, we practice the government of our brothers in the Lodge, as an example to better govern our homes, jobs, neighborhoods, communities, cities or countries. This is the best concept I’ve heard about Freemasonry.

Are you a nice person?

Here is why I stopped being too nice…

Nowadays, there is a big difference between being politically correct and being assertive. At least to me, political correctness is avoiding any possibility of offending others, while assertiveness is making sure our personal understanding is taken into consideration. Sadly, I see too many people complying with absurd impositions instead of protecting their future.

To be politically correct, we suppose to stay away from controversial topics and pretend everything is happening in a karmic sequence for the greater good. New age reasoning tell us to focus our energy in resolving our internal problems, that by being happy with our present should trigger a domino effect through all humanity and we will all be happy at the end. Sorry, I disagree.

While I admire most religious traditions (including islamic, jewish, indian, buddist and christian), I believe religious extremists are currently allowed to increase the always persistent holy war between Islam and Christianity. Orthodox Jews point Zionism as the main cause. And the Georgia Guidestones tell me the purpose. All other crisis seem to be only distractions to keep our attention away from them.

To be assertive, we all need to defend our diversity and our future, recognizing how we are contributing to what goes wrong with this world, so each can fix that little part. One common wrong contribution is not telling our inconformities. With so many thing going wrong, each of us can prioritize. Just remember that silence is consent.

Your silence is consent :(

Do you realize the consequences of your consent?

United States is finished

Activist and former presidential candidate, 90 years old Lyndon LaRouche, covers a range of topics from the threat of thermonuclear war and asteroid defense to the complete breakdown taking place in Europe as seen by the recent events in Cyprus.

The NWO is killing us

Listen carefully and make up your mind 😦