Sharing my Knowledge

be-the-changeI am willing to travel anywhere in the world to teach:

  • English,
  • Programming,
  • Kung fu,
  • Thalasotherapy,
  • Chess,
  • or similar topics.

I need you to tell me how or where to offer my services, or you can help me sharing this publication.

You can contact me via or whatsap +1 954 640 3242 to chat.

I look forward to your proposals for collaboration or compensation, or to reach an agreement of mutual benefit. That way we can make better use of your available space, technologies or employees.

By offering those classes, you can attract more customers to your business, give more options to your passengers, or receive training with your workers or local community.

sharepointENI could also automate your workflow, creating interactive forms connected to a central database. That would save you a lot of money because you will have a paperless work environment, avoiding the mistakes of typing the information from paper to a computer.

You can see my professional portfolio at and don’t mind what could be acceptable or not, since we could reach a satisfactory agreement anyways.

Special Offer: Share this publication and get my collaboration or professional advice, or at least allow me to publish your automated biorhythm as shown at

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