Audiovisual Contest

Since the Masonic Week, back in February 2007 in Washington D.C., I have identified that the major obstacle to solve conflicts and obtain peace is the ego within each one of us. We shield ourselves behind our social position to ignore the victims of discrimination and intolerance.

Many children die every day in wars or extreme poverty, and we prefer to ignore them instead of dedicating a few minutes of our busy days to them. We all can help, but some of us don’t know how.

The same titles and honors that make us special, isolate us from others; for that reason, I proposed a contest to produce a video to invite all the leaders of the world to participate in our peace work-groups, but leaving their egos (degrees, titles, honors, or affiliations) outside.

Traditionally, weapons are left out to ensure peace while we party; likewise, we should leave our attachments to participate in the Masonic Peace Institute (MPI).

Now, the MPI is seeking film entries to be judged during the Masonic Week in February 2008. Preferable without voice, to facilitate its distribution in any language. All entries will become the solely property of the MPI.

To participate, send an eLetter of Intention to as soon as possible, produce and upload your video onto before February 2008, and send an email with the web address, a copy of the original video, and its credits, to

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