From Fears to Injustice

Fears produce


express yourself so we can live in peace

Fearing retaliation, we are already unjust. Unjust with ourselves, because we limit our freedom; and unjust to others, because we stop collaborating with the causes we would like to support.
If we act against our will, we are fortifying the fear in others, because they notice it and prefer to prevent instead of trying, to maintain peace, while we fight our inner self. This inner war cause many sickness and bad humor.

Not acting is also a decision which produces repercussions; therefore, avoiding involvement, is also against our will, causing that displeasing and sickening inner war.
Asking instead of assuming, we could discover acceptance or tolerance to obtain confidence to do what we wish. Appearances are often deceiving. Asking also help us to know how far or how long to insist, avoiding fanaticism of the extreme misfortune we could cause to others.

Expressing our opinions or wishes, we receive feedback to help us improve; any point of view we have, it is sure we have opponents; it is when we communicate that we obtain better conclusions. It is with tolerance that we can respect and enjoy the differences. Anyhow, this life would be very boring if we all be the same.

“Tolerance, the virtue that makes peace possible, contributes to the replacement of the culture of war by a culture of peace.” (UNESCO, 1995)

Some people maintain restrictions based on race or religion; others prefer to shut up and ignore my support to our Cuban Brethren Masons in the exile; while many have signed the declaration of being Proud to be a Mason.

I have figure out that many do not dare neither to smile nor salute nor help, fearing retaliation or the commitment and leave to others to take the initiative; those who take the initiative, have to endure rejections and the absence of those who do not dare to give us their support, or of those who give up; but I believe the worst are the followers who defend their leaders, only because they are their leaders [or for convenience] and regardless of they being right or not. Those followers are the most detrimental people, because they can get to the extremes.

The extremist followers that reject and fight between them are, the traditionalistic on one side, and the progressives on the other; the traditionalistic oppose any minimal change, while the progressives propose an ideal of generalized harmony, unreachable while they have opposition; the traditionalistic fear expulsion, while progressives fear rejection, causing unjust spacing separation. It is unjust that people interested are assimilated to one of the sides, without knowing about the existence of the other side.

Holding and feeding the fears are the ritualistic oaths, that by necessity they had to change with time. We the Masons can and must give the example of reaching a pacific coexistence between traditionalistic and progressives, with mutual tolerance and allowing fraternal approach. The power is within our leaders, who have to tell their opinion without threats; I agree that we should not share traditional rituals with the progressives, but I consider absurd to continue ignoring them and even rejecting them, instead of sharing those events we declare open to the public; a good effort in that sense is made each year and last year I had the pleasure to participate in the 5th Masonic Week, where I hope to invite and find next year, many Grand Masters, giving us a good example of fraternal approach.

At your service,
Fernando Doylet, 32′

PD: (published at The Freemasonry Forum)

It is about time to propose a “code of fraternal conduct” to our Grand Lodges, to stop the missunderstandings and hate from further damaging the communications or relationship between Masons from different Masonic Organizations.

Rumors and the intolerant, keep most Masons in fear of retaliation or punishment, if they talk or collaborate during public functions with non-recognized Masons. Those intolerant behaviors also discourage regular participation.

I believe all prohibitions should be limited to Lodge activities.

If we improve our masonic behavior, we should be able to live a more peaceful future, setting the example to all mankind.

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