October is Colonialist Month

Is it convenient to keep lying to ourselves?

Scientists show enough proof in this video to demonstrate that the WTC (World Trade Center) buildings were brought down with controlled demolitions, prepared in advance. They behave politically correct asking for an independent investigation, discrediting the 2007 report of the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) because the NIST did not test for explosives.

How long will the general public believe it is convenient to keep lying to ourselves?

We have waited 10 years to reach this informed conclusion.
Are you going to ignore this facts and play dumb or distracted?
Is that what being ‘patriotic’ means? …or is it ‘coward’ perhaps?
Please be ‘brave’ sharing this video and your thoughts with others.
And keep the pressure on your local and national representatives.

If you decide to start or join a peaceful protest, let us know.

Dave had 3 months to live

Yes, My WB:. Dave David Daugherty had 3 months to live, but that was 30 years ago.

My wife and I had the privilege of being in his company while in Washington DC during previous yearly Masonic Weeks.

Yesterday was his birthday and he wrote the following reflections:

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Is NATO above the Law?

Russian military said that “Airstrikes in Libya did not take place“, denying the reports made by Al Jazeera and the BBC.

The unconfirmed exagerations made by Ibrahim Dabbashi fueled the UN Security Council resolution on February 22 against the Libya’s gobernment. A week later, the russian military denied the genocide reported by Al Jazeera and the BBC.

The international mass media (owned by a few) downplays or ignores the observation presented by the russian military satelite reports, making most people believe in the good intentions of NATO.

Humankind around the world are learning the truth and confronting their gobernments with many new popular horizontal organizations (non representative of the whole) that awaken the consciousness of each individual willing to fight for our future generations.

Explaining our Ancient and Accepted Tools

What would Benjamin Franklin say about Female Freemasonry or Prince Hall?

As the world changes, the virtuous Masonic teachings are adapted to more progressive groups, replacing or deleting the sections they consider obsolete or outdated.

Our reaction to those unrecognized Masons (paraplegic, atheist, gay, etc.) determines how tolerant we really are.

It is time to dismantle the last Empire

Just like Tunisia and Egipt, we the people in the United Stated can also get our freedom 😉

It is time to become a Republican now, and support Ron Paul all the way!

The truth will set us free!

WWIII may have already started as a media war against common sense. We as humans must stop behaving like animals and value those hundreds of professionals fighting to uncover the truth. The implications are tremendous and the results dangerous for our status quo, but it is what humanity needs to improve and survive through 2012.

The New World Order


Masonic or not, it is time to consider our options to join the efforts of the Venus Project; for the benefit of the people already participating first, and hopefully to be expanded for the benefit of all humankind.

Listening to the critics and growing concerns of a godless society, I am glad to report that the founders are now focusing on how to make the Venus Project more acceptable, instead of alienating all believers with their previously atheist rhetoric.

In case you don’t have enough time to see the whole video, it’s transcript is available clicking here.

Masonic Globalization?

WM E.L.M.Monsanto, 1913-14 1933-34.
(Edwin Louis Mendes Monsanto)
Harmonic Lodge, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

The New World Order is no longer a group of speculative theories. They became an actual and practical reality. On one side the changes thanks to Monsanto, and on the other the first Gran Logia Cibernetica.

Both issues are extremely controversial. What do you think? …or where could we find more references about these topics?


This is a message we all need to listen and understand…