Learning to be a militant pacifist

Aligning the mind with a purpose, is a good start to train ourselves to focus our attention in what we really wish.

Knowledge is Power

This is how the Internet is being neutralized ūüė¶

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This could help the Good Guys win…

Promoting The Dark Mission Blog
and the books…
The Secret Architecture of our Nation’s Capital,
Masons Who Helped Shape Our Nation,
and Dark Mission

3 x 13 = 2 x 19.5

The secret science of HAARP (while causing plenty of death and destruction) could be helping our mother-ship earth survive the otherwise cataclysmic pole shift.


We The People need You!

We The People only have a few weeks to bring peace and prosperity to the United States. The clock is ticking. It is our last chance to keep our oath and Restore the Constitution.

The corrupt bankers have paid (with their bailout money, from our taxes) the politicians to stay in power. They are offering positions of power to be above the law without prosecution.

We The People know the corrupt bankers have tricked most of us to lose our homes and our jobs. The following video offers free legal support to make our last stance for freedom.

According to the lawyers, we only need 5 volunteers on each State to force them to add Ron Paul to the ballots in November, or at least to validate the write-ins in the general election.

We The People need You!

Are you purposely distracted?


At peace, if doing what is right or purposely distracted.

I feel sad for most people (including family and friends) who stopped fighting for their rights, their health, their clean conscious, and their children’s future. Fear stops them from learning more about current dangers, and move them to focus on popular shows. They opt to be happy most of the time, feeling safer than others because of those few common sense precautions they take.

I feel good about the brave free thinkers and learners who are not afraid of being activists. Some of them specialize on healthy choices, politics, philosophy, artistic expressions, etc.

I feel worry about the honest and patriotic whistle-blowers and revolutionaries who risk their lives for all of us. But as more people on power act evil, we need a lot more of them.

If we count our votes, Ron Paul will win

According to Federal Voting Rights, each and every Delegate in the Republican National Convention is totally free to vote for any of the Candidates. Bound Delegates are illegal and unpatriotic. Listen to the details in the video above.

And like already happened in Iowa, if we all make sure to know the total count of votes in our precincts, the people or machines counting can be corrected. In simpler words: if we count our votes, Ron Paul will win.

None of the other candidates have the morality and popularity accumulated by Ron Paul, as demonstrated by the crowds. On top of that, this year We The People are even aware of constitutional requirements and missing documents.

Honest Delegates will nominate Ron Paul

The crowds clearly demonstrate that Ron Paul must be nominated in August.
The voting machines and many people in charge are not counting our votes right.
Fraud has been proven beyond any doubt. It is up to the honesty of the Delegates now.

We are being brainwashed to believe that Candidates with the most contributions deserve to win the election, not considering who are those contributors and what they are capable of. The mainstream media cannot tell us all the truth, because they have to obey their sponsors. We The People cannot believe in propaganda or advertising any more.

Our votes should be guided by principles. even if the voting machines don’t count our votes right.
Local authorities should be elected based on their credentials and how sincerely they will comply with their oath of office.
We could ask all candidates to be OathKeepers, and like Bill Waldron to shows his membership on his website.

And to give the candidates a good example, some of us could become oathkeepers and show them our memberships ūüėČ

The UN is running the NWO

It took me years without TV and consistently digging for the truth, to find out that the elites are using the UN as the de-facto Central Government of the NWO…

In fact, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (US, UK, France, USSR, China) can veto any substantial UN resolution.

Globalization has been the excuse to develop and impose international organizations (IOs) to all the Countries of the World; like the UN, WB, WTO, IMF, WHO, ICC and others. To ensure conformity and fight dissent, more local IOs were created, like the EU, OTAN, OAS, NAU, AU, UNASUR, Arab League, etc. And many other IOs have been formed with other purposes, like the OPEC, ALBA, BRICS, and so on.

As the NWO Central Government becomes more evident, the elites headed by the Bilderberg Group (with their secret annual meetings) have been gaining control over the US through its Federal Government. The freedoms granted by the US Constitution are being legally misinterpreted by the Legislative and Judicial branches, ignoring completely the Tenth Amendment. And now the Federal Government has created extreme laws like the Patriot Act and NDAA, which “begins the official establishment of martial law”.

Local groups around the US are outraged by the lack of transparency of the Federal Government, specially aggravated by the missing birth certificate of the POTUS, his social security number does not pass e-verify, or his treasonous actions

Since the controlled demolition of the twin towers and building seven, the lies to invade Irak and destroy Libia, and the persistent war propaganda to attack other Countries, more and more people are learning the facts on their own.

First time you know about this?

It doesn’t surprise me. Most newspapers and TV channels and radios are owned by for profit international corporations, and the few independent stations could lose their licenses if they broadcast any information considered dangerous to national security. It is also known that the Army embeds psi-ops soldiers in local TV stations, and that the CIA manipulates the media.

The videos shown above were obtained in social media like FB and G+. I keep copies in case youtube stops streaming them. Anyhow, there are non conventional reporters that tell what they find. Either way, never believe what you are told, and do your own research to get your own conclusions.

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* Chemtrails explained at Massachusetts School of Law
* BBC admit to aerosol spraying/chemtrails geoengineering
* The crowds show that Ron Paul is winning (either way).
* World Word Three is now in progress.
* Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth.
* US Military fake social media profiles
* US Spreading AIDS worldwide in Bayer Aspirin
* Farmer feeds GMO corn to pigs: they become sterile.
* Radioactive wave to hit the US West Coast next year
* Orthodox Judaism is against Zionism.
* Obama Threatens 14 US Governors With Immediate Arrest

What can we do about it?
* Please help throw Obama out of office.
* Sign and promote important petitions.
* Help us form a 3rd Party online (except Delegates).
* Defend the US Constitution above all orders.
* Join the movement to impeach Obama in 2012.
* Join us in our 2nd USA Independence (request form).
* Buy and restore land in poor Countries.
* Support our troops, donating to Ron Paul.
* Learn about the New World Order
* Listen to the latest updates in alternate media

Without Malice

To my brothers and sisters across the globe, who’s only desire is to live in peace, I write the words to you.

Make no mistake, there will be times that you and I will disagree, it could become so heated that one or both of use see red, it is the nature of being an individual with each of us wanting different things. As long as we still only want to live in peace, we will regroup, reformulate and combine our ideas and return to the table to resolve whatever issue we may have.

I may very well offend your emotions, your since of decency or even your pride as we make this incredible journey into true freedom. I will even do it purposely as you view my interactions with others. I have been placed upon this wonderful world to open the eyes of men. Sometimes you must do these things as those with closed minds and hateful souls require honesty and truth.

To the rest of the world these words are for you.

Your time is over, for centuries your kind has abused your children, you have shattered their minds with your words in order to control them like cattle. You have taken the strap to their backs to instill fear of death. You demand respect from them by locking in cages. You have turned your children into monsters.

I will attack your ideas, your desire for power. I will crush you under my boot without a second thought. You have created me. Your theft of others property has funded my training. I will be relentless in my goals to eradicate you from this planet you will not stop destroying. In a word, you are done.

First you came for the blacks and I could not stop it
Then you came for the gays and I did nothing
You came for the workers and I stood by, hoping you would stop
Now you are feeding on yourselves in an effort to control the world
I will do nothing to save you from yourself if you will not open your eyes

You have feasted on human flesh, and even though the smell offended you you merely created marinade.
You have enslaved entire societies, beat them relentlessly. You created religion to justify the evil in your hearts towards other men. Now you have given us the state. Imposing your will with your militaries, imprisoned people with your police. Stolen other peoples labor to fund it. No more.

Your days are numbered. The people are waking up to you. They are seeing the violence. They are refusing to accept your authority. You are human waste, about to be flushed down the toilet of history.

Just Nero did, my brothers and sisters will stand by, playing our fiddles as you burn yourselves to the ground. When your ashes are scattered about the trash heap of history, my brothers and sisters in peace will join hands and finally know true freedom.

This is your wakeup call, you ignore it at your own peril. You have granted no mercy and you will be shown none. The state is an illusion. The last illusion left that man must destroy.

That is all.

Source: https://plus.google.com/109040099390757246328/posts/N4nsRRJ6T9G

The Establishment against Ron Paul

First time you know about Ron Paul?

Several family members and neighbors and friends at work have asked me: who is Ron Paul? after I told them of the great changes we will have in the world if we choose Dr. Ron Paul as President of the US in 2012.

Believe It Or Not, Ron Paul offers to follow the Constitution_ strictly to reduce the US and balance its budget in 3 years. He will be closing all 900 military bases abroad; eliminating all the foreign aid payments, including those to Israel; closing the Departments of Commerce, Education, Interior, Energy, and Housing and Urban Development; ending the Federal Reserve, Homeland Security in the airports, the Food and Drug Administration, and other federal agencies and mandates forbidden by the 10th Amendment of the Constitution_.

Dr. Ron Paul defends with plenty of passion and logic his radical proposals. And since they cannot discredit him, the establishment is dedicated to distract us and ignore him. The amateur video above demonstrate how Yahoo! filtered the trend topic “Ron Paul” from their main listing, while showing in their secondary listing. This strategy is in most media, as the Pew Research found out recently.

The same happens with popular protests. The establishment notices all the protests in other countries, while ignoring those forming within the US. Only extreme situations get to the news, avoiding repeating or featuring them. We can see a very clear example on the front page of Time magazine…


The primaries will start in January 2012. Then Republicans will decide if Ron Paul will represent them. Aside from ignoring him, the establishment promotes the other candidates who (to gain popularity) are making similar proposals, even contradicting what they said before. Confusing and distracting us, they try to prevent Ron Paul from wining the primaries, because he is the only candidate who can beat Obama.

Opposing all these millionaire and corrupt propaganda, I am dedicating this space to promote this candidate, who is the difference between continuing or dismantling the US empire. And I authorize you to copy anything you wish to add to your blogs or social networks. Additionally, in case you have questions, here I leave a video to clarify your doubts, and we can continue the conversation in the comments.