We The People need You!

We The People only have a few weeks to bring peace and prosperity to the United States. The clock is ticking. It is our last chance to keep our oath and Restore the Constitution.

The corrupt bankers have paid (with their bailout money, from our taxes) the politicians to stay in power. They are offering positions of power to be above the law without prosecution.

We The People know the corrupt bankers have tricked most of us to lose our homes and our jobs. The following video offers free legal support to make our last stance for freedom.

According to the lawyers, we only need 5 volunteers on each State to force them to add Ron Paul to the ballots in November, or at least to validate the write-ins in the general election.

We The People need You!

One Response to “We The People need You!”

  1. scott m smith Says:

    We the people should draft Ron Paul Into the Presidency of these United States.

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