Honest Delegates will nominate Ron Paul

The crowds clearly demonstrate that Ron Paul must be nominated in August.
The voting machines and many people in charge are not counting our votes right.
Fraud has been proven beyond any doubt. It is up to the honesty of the Delegates now.

We are being brainwashed to believe that Candidates with the most contributions deserve to win the election, not considering who are those contributors and what they are capable of. The mainstream media cannot tell us all the truth, because they have to obey their sponsors. We The People cannot believe in propaganda or advertising any more.

Our votes should be guided by principles. even if the voting machines don’t count our votes right.
Local authorities should be elected based on their credentials and how sincerely they will comply with their oath of office.
We could ask all candidates to be OathKeepers, and like Bill Waldron to shows his membership on his website.

And to give the candidates a good example, some of us could become oathkeepers and show them our memberships 😉

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