The Establishment against Ron Paul

First time you know about Ron Paul?

Several family members and neighbors and friends at work have asked me: who is Ron Paul? after I told them of the great changes we will have in the world if we choose Dr. Ron Paul as President of the US in 2012.

Believe It Or Not, Ron Paul offers to follow the Constitution_ strictly to reduce the US and balance its budget in 3 years. He will be closing all 900 military bases abroad; eliminating all the foreign aid payments, including those to Israel; closing the Departments of Commerce, Education, Interior, Energy, and Housing and Urban Development; ending the Federal Reserve, Homeland Security in the airports, the Food and Drug Administration, and other federal agencies and mandates forbidden by the 10th Amendment of the Constitution_.

Dr. Ron Paul defends with plenty of passion and logic his radical proposals. And since they cannot discredit him, the establishment is dedicated to distract us and ignore him. The amateur video above demonstrate how Yahoo! filtered the trend topic “Ron Paul” from their main listing, while showing in their secondary listing. This strategy is in most media, as the Pew Research found out recently.

The same happens with popular protests. The establishment notices all the protests in other countries, while ignoring those forming within the US. Only extreme situations get to the news, avoiding repeating or featuring them. We can see a very clear example on the front page of Time magazine…


The primaries will start in January 2012. Then Republicans will decide if Ron Paul will represent them. Aside from ignoring him, the establishment promotes the other candidates who (to gain popularity) are making similar proposals, even contradicting what they said before. Confusing and distracting us, they try to prevent Ron Paul from wining the primaries, because he is the only candidate who can beat Obama.

Opposing all these millionaire and corrupt propaganda, I am dedicating this space to promote this candidate, who is the difference between continuing or dismantling the US empire. And I authorize you to copy anything you wish to add to your blogs or social networks. Additionally, in case you have questions, here I leave a video to clarify your doubts, and we can continue the conversation in the comments.

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