Is it convenient to keep lying to ourselves?

Scientists show enough proof in this video to demonstrate that the WTC (World Trade Center) buildings were brought down with controlled demolitions, prepared in advance. They behave politically correct asking for an independent investigation, discrediting the 2007 report of the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) because the NIST did not test for explosives.

How long will the general public believe it is convenient to keep lying to ourselves?

We have waited 10 years to reach this informed conclusion.
Are you going to ignore this facts and play dumb or distracted?
Is that what being ‘patriotic’ means? …or is it ‘coward’ perhaps?
Please be ‘brave’ sharing this video and your thoughts with others.
And keep the pressure on your local and national representatives.

If you decide to start or join a peaceful protest, let us know.


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