The truth will set us free!

WWIII may have already started as a media war against common sense. We as humans must stop behaving like animals and value those hundreds of professionals fighting to uncover the truth. The implications are tremendous and the results dangerous for our status quo, but it is what humanity needs to improve and survive through 2012.


One Response to “The truth will set us free!”

  1. dunn Says:

    Its not the new world order that people ought to be worried about. It is the old world order, the people who have been in charge. A world without boundaries and separation is a very good idea. However the premise of supporting this idea with a global currency based on gold or any other precious metals is the horrific part of such an idea. The true value is in the metals, and honestly that value is of opinion as well. What needs to happen is a movement towards truth. Truth that we are all creators in our own essence because of the divine spark in all of us. The old world order doesnt want this truth to be exposed. We are all connected, no matter what race creed or religion. The separation plot has been engraved amognst us over generations, to the point where it is what it is. Well it is not true. Look up steven mayer. Invented a fuel cell to divide hydrogen from oxygen to power cars. We all know what happened to him… he was killed, made out to be delusional and discredited. His idea has been suppressed because he did not sell out. We need people who will challenge this old world order and use a higher level of consciousness than the one we are provided with throught the media and entertainment. We NEED AWARENESS.

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