Will we meet in February?


We are preparing for the Masonic Week 2008 to be celebrated (as every year) on February 6 to 9 in Washington DC. There I hope to meet you to chat, go for a tourist ride, or visit a local Lodge.

There we find members of several Masonic Orients and Obediences, with neither close meetings nor rituals, in groups of diverse topics or purposes. In my case, I go to the annual meeting of the Knights of Freemasonry Universal, were we always have room for other volunteers who wish to work with us.

Many Prefer to Ignore

It is obvious that many opt for distractions with other less compromising options, with less risk to be criticized or marginalized by our leaders; but in that negotiation, we stop being or doing the best we can, in exchange for tranquility, tying our consciousness down.

Receiving our apparently daily doses of routine happiness, we get used to conform with what we know is wrong; but with our silence we have told it was fine. This ill tendency is what could be causing those emotional tensions that contribute to stress, which at the same time is the source of many diseases.


One Response to “Will we meet in February?”

  1. Fernando’s Masonic Experience » Blog Archive » Dave had 3 months to live Says:

    […] My wife and I had the privilege of being in his company while in Washington DC during previous yearly Masonic Weeks. […]

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