A few days before the Super Bowl, I heard through the radio that the major concern of the Administrators of Miami was [with the excess of visitors in the city] the water flow in the middle of the game, when most people use the bathroom; sounds funny, but they explained their care clearing the sewers, and how enough water will be provided, to only experience low pressure during those moments.

How could I imagine that instead of being concerned about medical attention or feeding poor children, they will give priority to the use of bathrooms during the football game intermission?
But we have to agree that we prefer enjoyable entertainments, maybe to dissipate the sorrows that no-one misses, that is why attention and money flows where less needed.

Contrasting, we appreciate diversions among so much suffering, and we learn to smile while we hide our pains, to be socially accepted. Those rebels that refuse to be hypocrites (diplomats sounds less offensive) choose between madness, drugs, suicide, or volunteering. That is the principle we could use to be successful in our projects, family, work, or to attain an ideal lodge.

The time we have to live is limited, so we should use the opportunity to choose positive entertainments, refuse the negative ones, and doubt the rest; that is why we should reject what is considered illegal or prohibited in any culture or religion, prefer selfless or educational activities, and doubt all others.

In my particular case, since I prefer volunteering and a little madness to avoid the drugs and suicide, next weekend I will be in Washington DC celebrating the Masonic Week, sharing the Masonic Peace Declaration, and promoting an open source software project recently initiated in SourceForge. If you have read this far, please visit the declaration, review my project in case you could recommend it to a programmer, or leave a comment below.


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